published article titled "Virginia Key Marina Proposal Could go to ballot in November After Eleventh Circuit Ruling?" discussing Judge Alan Fine's ruling that the City of Miami made a decision based on favoritism and personal preference when rejecting a prevailing bidder’s request for a proposal for the redevelopment of a marina in Miami.

As Kendall Coffey of Coffey Burlington, it’s a case that serves as a reminder that there should be a level playing field when attempting to do business with the city. Coffey represented Virginia Key LLC in the case. “If you think about it from the city’s standpoint, it’s a terrible message to send. We rightfully believe that this is the most exciting city in America, but it’s important to have private companies want to invest, contribute, and want to do business with the City of Miami,” said Coffey. “To have rank favoritism prevail over merits is a hugely discouraging message to private companies. We need a message that the rule of law, not avoritism prevails in the City of Miami’s processes.”

A copy of the full Miami Herald article can be found here.