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Fernando Tamayo Quoted in Article on Differences between US and Ecuadorian Criminal Law

The Miami Herald published article titled "Gaming the System - The U.S. keeps erecting immigration barriers. Rich elites can maneuver around them".

In the article, Coffey Burlington Partner Fernando Tamayo discussed how Ecuadorian criminal law differs from U.S. law, in that under Ecuadorian law, a defendant is presumed innocent until his or her criminal conviction has been upheld by all appellate courts.

A copy of the full Miami Herald article can be found here.

Kendall Coffey, Daniel Blonsky, and Paul Schwiep Presenters at Coronavirus Business Disruption: Opportunities Beyond Litigation

Coffey Burlington partners Kendall Coffey, Daniel Blonsky, and Paul Schwiep were speakers at a Webinar in conjuction with CPA and Advisors Morrison, Brown, Argiz & Farra titled "Coronavirus Business Disruption: Opportunities Beyond Litigation" discussing immediate issues, challenges, and opportunities arising out of the COVID-19 outbreak. They were joined by Marta Alfonso and Hernando Gomez of Morrison, Brown, Argiz & Farra.

For a full detailed look at the webinar including literature and recording click here.