Law360 published article titled "State Questions Miami-Dade Approval Of Controversial Project?" regarding Miami-Dade's County recent controversial decision to expand its developmental boundaries to allow constructions of an industrial park.

In the article, Coffey Burlington Partner Paul Schwiep, one of the attorneys representing Lewis, told Law360 on Friday his view is the ordinance is void for the reasons stated in the DEO's letter and the matter needs to return to the county commission.

"This project continued to shape-shift, and the county commission kept aiming at a moving target," he said. "The plan amendment that was ultimately adopted was materially different than the amendment initially transmitted to the department for comment as required by state law. What the department is saying, which is appropriate, is that the county can't submit one plan amendment for comment, but then adopt a materially different one. This is a problem of the applicant's making for repeatedly altering its chameleonlike project and then requesting repeated deferrals."

A copy of the full Miami Herald article can be found here.