On September 23, 2021, Partner Fernando Tamayo was a speaker at the Federal Bar Association's annual meeting on a CLE-approved panel titled "Emerging Frontiers of INTERPOL Abuse". Mr. Tamayo discussed recent trends of Interpol member nations' abuses of the Interpol Red Notice system, including discussions of ethical issues regarding Interpol Red Notices and the impact that Red Notices can have on an individual's liberties. Mr. Tamayo also provided advice to attorneys in attendance on how to properly represent clients dealing with Red Notice issues. Mr. Tamayo and Coffey Burlington have an active Interpol Red Notice removal practice, having recently achieved success removing Red Notices improperly issued by foreign nations against Coffey Burlington clients.

Mr. Tamayo was joinded by Evelyn Sheehan, Theodore Bromund, Michelle Estlund, and Sandra Grossman.