Fernando Tamayo obtained an 8-page opinion from Interpol, ruling in favor of client, Dr. Carlos Polit, removing the red notice that was improperly requested by the country of Ecuador, and deleting all reference to Dr. Carlos Polit in Interpol’s database and its member nation’s national databases.  Carolina Goncalves and Justin King assisted with the drafting of petitions to Interpol, which involved an in-depth analysis of the improper criminal proceedings brought by Ecuador against Dr. Polit.

In its “Decision of the Commission”, Interpol agreed with all three of Coffey Burlington’s arguments advocating for the removal of the red notice: (1) that Ecuador’s criminal proceedings against Dr. Polit violated his right to due process of law (which Interpol considers to be a violation of human rights); (2) that Ecuador’s prosecution of Dr. Polit was politically motived; and (3) that Ecuador’s basis for requesting the Interpol red notice violated Interpol’s rules.