ABC News published an article titled "Cohen promised health care company access to Trump White House, exec says" which analyses the recent allegations against Michael Cohen and his promise to access to Trump's administration. "The most likely explanation behind the payments to Cohen is that he was perceived to be someone very close to the newly elected President at a time when most of the traditional Washington insiders had either avoided or opposed Trump during the campaign."

“Presumably, some people paid plenty to Cohen to secure a relationship with superior access to Trump,” Coffey said. "That alone is not illegal, but federal investigators are likely to be examining how he described the purpose of the Essential Consulting transactions to his bankers because misstatements could lead to fraud charges. And they are likely to study whether he attempted to directly influence government action, which in certain cases would have required him to register as a lobbyist." Coffey said.

A copy of the full ABC News article can be found here.