The Daily Business Review published an article titled "Russian-Speaking Attorneys Cater to Surge from Russian, Ukraine," which discussed the fact that instability in both Ukraine and Russian has created an up-tick of businesses from those countries establishing connections with South Florida.

"Because Ukraine's currency has devalued three times, the country's exports are now much cheaper than those of competitors, Krasnikov said. Business owners hope to find new Western partners, who will see the opportunities built into those low prices and want to profit supplying Ukrainian products to the U.S. and Latin America, he said. WalMart and Trader Joe's already are offering Ukrainian products.


With some 400,000 Russian-speaking immigrants, South Florida is already home to one of the largest Russian-speaking communities in the country, said Kendall Coffey, a founding partner of Coffey Burlington and a litigator who has a substantial amount of work with Russian and Russian-American clients. 'More often than not you see people building upon the business success they have had in their
own country,' Coffey said."

A copy of the full Daily Business Review article can be found here.