Founding Partner, Bob Burlington, was featured in a Miami Today article regarding the firm's representation of Grand Station Partners for the redevelopment of a key Miami-Dade County parcel.  It its November 18, 2015 article, titled "Authority Lease to Add Parking After Challenge," Miami Today explained that the redevelopment proposal "includes a new 8-story parking facility for more than 350 vehicles, and a 33-story tower identified as multi-family with about 258 apartments...[and] retail space." After one group opposed the deal, Mr. Burlington appeared before the Off-Street Parking Board on behalf of Grand Station Partners. The article reports,

Robert Burlington, an attorney representing Grand Station Partners, said much work went into crafting the lease and every “i” is dotted, every “t” is crossed.

“There are no improprieties,” he told the board, saying the lease is “properly before you for approval today.”

Mr. Burlington also pointed out that the time for competing parties to appeal was back in early May, when the board authorized Mr. Noriega to begin negotiations with his client.

Mr. Mana’s representatives did not appeal, said Mr. Burlington. Authority staff confirmed this to the board.

To read the Miami Today article in its entirety, click here.