The Sun Sentinel published an extensive article discussing the fact that Shareholder, and Councilman for Bal Harbour, Gabriel Groisman drafted and passed the first anti-boycott law. 

The article explains that "After two public readings, the Village Council of Bal Harbour unanimously voted 5-0 in support of this ordinance that prohibits the municipality from contracting with any business unless the contract includes a representation that the business is not currently engaged in, and will not engage in, the boycott of a person or an entity based in, or doing business with, a country or jurisdiction in which the United States has free trade or other agreements. It is aimed at ensuring open and non-discriminatory trade with partners, such as the State of Israel."

At the hearing, Mr. Groisman stated:

"Recently, we have seen the increase in efforts to boycott and otherwise discriminate on the basis of nationality and ethnicity. Leading this effort is a bigoted campaign to de-legitimize the democratic State of Israel through a movement called 'BDS,' which leads efforts to boycott, divest and sanction businesses, academics and persons from, or doing business in, the State of Israel.

Make no mistake about it. The BDS movement is a global propaganda campaign against Israel that serves as thin cover for anti-Semitism – the levels of which we have not seen in the Western World in over 60 years.

This ordinance will protect the economic and social interests of the citizens of Bal Harbour, who widely reject discriminatory business practices, especially when they are funded in any way by public taxpayer money. This ordinance will require any entity that enters into a contract with Bal Harbour to certify that they are not boycotting, and will not boycott, or divest from a legitimate, recognized U.S. trade partner.

A copy of the Sun Sentinel article, Municipality passes anti-BDS Ordinance, can be found here.